Hi, this is Cristine.

Here are 3 things about me:

An storyteller's mind

I dedicate my career to communicating the power of Science, Technology, and Psychology.


A Psychologist's Heart

I help people discover their highest potential while expressing my own.

I hold a Master's degree in Psychology from
Pepperdine University. I am also a yoga instructor and Zen philosophy practitioner.

I've given Psychology talks to over 15,000 people across the United States, Taiwan, the Philippines in the past 10 years.

An Adventurer's Body

I am a Third Culture Kid (TCK).

My roots are from Taiwan. I find home in the Philippines, United States, and Taipei.



Use Research, Technology and the Arts
to help adults and children successfully navigate challenges
in the digital era.


A world where adults and children possess healthy mental wellness
so that they can live their fullest potential.