Hi, this is Cristine.

Here are 3 things about me:

A Psychologist's mind

I dedicate my career to improving
our Mental Health in the Digital Age

I speak, write, and build projects in the field of Personal Development, Mental Health, and Psychology.

I hold a Master's degree in Psychology from
Pepperdine University.


An Creative's Heart:

I believe in the power of the media, technology, and the arts to change lives.

I've given talks to over 15,000 people across the United States, Taiwan, the Philippines in the past 10 years.


An Traveler's Body

I am a Third Culture Kid (TCK)- someone who finds home in the intersection of cultures.

I find home in the Philippines, United States, and Taiwan.



Use Research, Technology and the Arts
to help adults and children successfully navigate personal challenges
in the digital global era.


A world where adults and children possess healthy mental wellness
so that they can live their fullest potential.