Tech Leader Performance Coaching


Experience the power of coaching wherever you are in the world. 

Experiences Provided

1-1 Focus Coaching (3 months at a time)

Perfect for digital leaders who are ready for a mental and lifestyle change but do not know where to start.

We will dissect what’s not working and rebuild your lifestyle from ground up for you to successfully achieve your next business goals. I will not go easy on you. We are going to dive down deep and unblock parts of your mind that’s stopping you from fulfilling your peak potential. 


What each coaching experience includes:

  • 1-Hour weekly calls for 3 months (12 total)
  • Monthly assignments
  • Learn Psychology and Peak Performance research backed tools that are location independent 
  • Access sleep hygiene resources
  • Take evidence-based assessment tests to get to know yourself more
  • Learn how to set boundaries with people and situations in a non-violent way
  • Implement deep life changing daily rituals 
  • Create a lifestyle plan that takes into consideration your personality and social-cultural background
  • Feel the power of having an accountability coach pushing you to achieve your goals
  • 24/7 email access to me. Feel free to ask any questions in the duration of our time working together


+1 Free initial call for new clients

20-30% discount if we decide to collaborate for a longer time period 


Schedule 30-Minute Free Getting to Know Call

My Coaching Philosophy

Your Agency Matters

My job is to get you to a state where you can successfully unblock yourself while living in a way that is conducive for your mental health.

There is a timeline to our time working together.

Your Culture Matters

We will come up with a strategy is sensitive to your culture, family, and economic upbringing.

Your Mental Health Matters

The tools we will implement are supportive to your mental health and they are backed by research.

Previous Client Testimonials


“I am so thankful to have Cristine coach me on my business venture and personal life. With her background in psychology, she helped me overcome many mental roadblocks that I did not realize I had. Cristine’s assignments were thoughtful and important in aiding my development. I would love for Cristine coach me again in the future!”

-D.P., Entrepreneur (Los Angeles, CA)

“Every person striving for growth must always understand that there are two sets of skills we need to learn and foster. Understanding of our subject domain which some may call the technical aspects to how our businesses operate (coding if you’re a tech company, numbers and laws if you’re an audit or accounting firm) and the understanding of our soft skills which allow us to help build better relationships to the people around us. 

Cristine was able to provide coaching sessions that has helped me understand what kind of person, leader, thought-maker I am and the reasons behind such. I have been able to gain a broader perspective on attracting what I need to attract to succeed better – whether this may be in building the right team, dealing with the right vendors and having the right mindset to succeed.

-S*, Entrepreneur (Philippines) *name confidential

common questions

We will strategize, execute, and reflect on your mental roadblocks and transform your lifestyle from inside out. Every week for 3 months. 

We offer group coaching and classes over at The Generation Zen at affordable price points. Feel free to check us out!

Everything is confidential. We will sign a confidentiality contract prior to starting our work. 

Easily schedule here. 

If schedule does not align, feel free to email me and we can discuss a better time.

1-1 Coaching Package no less than $3000.  Serious inquiries only!

The best way for us to find out is to schedule a Q&A call. It’s free. We will then decide together if coaching is the next step for you.

This depends on the goals we set together. I can better answer when I get to know you more. Schedule a Q&A to learn more!