April 03- Zen Around The World: Free Group Call

Do you feel like you are losing focus and energy?

This is for you if you are interested in:

1.) Learning how to strive with stress

2.) Getting back your focus during times of uncertainty

3.) Getting tips on sleep hygiene

4.) Asking questions about mental health

I am currently self-quarantining (Day 12!) so thought it’d be a great opportunity to share some powerful Psychology tools with you guys. This group call is completely free. No, I’m not selling anything at the end nor charging. My intention is to get together friends and growth-minded people in a productive call. If you are interested, please sign up below and you’re in!

What you will learn during our time together

🧠 Mini-Lecture: Basics of Psychology of Stress (Difference between Eustress & Distress, Anxiety + Uncertainty = Fear, ++)

🙏🏻 Two Practical Tools: I’ll be teaching you guys powerful researched backed breathing exercises that I personally use to lower stress, sleep better, & enhance focus.

🎤Q&A. Your time to ask any questions! Anything related to Psychology- mindset, productivity, focus, mental health, personal development, relationships, and loneliness.

Sign up for free here: https://tinyurl.com/groupcalla

04/03 2:00 PM California Time (PDT) via Zoom.

See time table below.

Time Table

Sign up for free here: https://tinyurl.com/groupcalla

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